Gregory Stoutenburg
Welcome to my website!  I'm Greg.  

Here are a few highlights about me.

I am an Instructor of Philosophy at York College of Pennsylvania.
I earned my PhD in Philosophy in 2016 at the University of Iowa.

My work is focused on the nature of knowledge, the semantics of knowledge attributions, and epistemic justification. You can find some of my work on those topics and others by clicking the CV and Papers links above.

I received the University of Iowa Graduate Research Excellence Award in 2016. The award recognized my research and outreach work with the Iowa Lyceum, the philosophy outreach program I co-founded. You can learn more about the Lyceum on my Other/Links page.

I have extensive teaching experience in philosophy that includes working with various modes of delivery: online, hybrid learning, and interactive multiple-location televised courses.

My email address is 

Thanks for visiting!